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Patio Garden

Each spring, I get excited about growing my own vegetable garden. My backyard gets limited sunlight, so I am limited to being a patio gardener. But that doesn’t stop me 🙂 There is something to be said of picking your fruit, vegetables and herbs fresh from your own garden!

My patio garden this year is more limited than usual. I procrastinated due to other issues. I had hoped to redesign my spaces and grow more organic produce and gathered plenty of organic seeds. I am not quite there yet. But I am happy to report:

That the blueberries are looking healthy and I actually ate a few fresh blueberries off my bush this weekend. Some predator has eaten several of the berries earlier. I am still learning how to fight that! Strawberries are still uncertain. But there is hope:-)


Tomatoes— are doing great. I have three plants. I actually have four heirloom tomatoes that are looking good. Two plants are yet to bloom but still there is hope.


My lone eggplant has bloomed and I have an eggplant 🙂


Mint and basil are doing great….

IMG_3901 IMG_3899

Peppers are blossoming….. and jalapenos once they start are usually ample for my needs

And kale survived the winter and is still here…


Squash and cucumber … so far so good…

IMG_3902 IMG_3898

I had hoped to grown spinach, beans, lettuce and so much more. My garden this year is smaller than I like. But still a joy to maintain 🙂