A. Soup. A. Week. Green Beans and Pearl Onion

Three years ago, I tried “A Soup A Week” and this one is from this day three years ago. There are many soups here that I love, and continue to recreate.

Check out the soups I made over a course of 15 weeks here:

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Recently I had purchased a bag of pearl onions. I am always fascinated by them, although when it is time to cook, I wish I hadn’t bought them since it is not always easy to trim and peel them. The one dish that we constantly used them back home was in Sambhar. I wanted to try something new with them this time.

As I started to concoct a plan for the soup this week for A. Soup. A. Week. I started to formulate a recipe where I could use them. I wanted something novel that I couldn’t find a recipe online if I google searched for it. I had a bag of fresh green beans and the idea to make soup with green beans and pearl onions started to materialize. It involved coconut and curry powder and believe me the result was absolutely delightful!


I had purchased a bottle of…

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