2015 Recipe Fails

Recently, I posted Best of 2015. There were many successes in 2015 but there were also many failures.  Taking cue from Andrea of Cooking with a Wallflower, I wanted to record some recipes that didn’t make it to the blog. Some because, I didn’t like the result, some because, they didn’t look good enough although they tasted fine, and many others that made it from stove to the trash. Here are some fails from 2015, that I took photographs of,but didn’t make the cut.

I kicked off 2015 with an attempt to make Ethiopian injera bread, berbere lentils, and a side of kale.


The first disappointment was the berbere spice mix itself that I made at home. It didn’t taste like what I had eaten at restaurants. I didn’t realize this until I cooked berbere lentils with teff seeds and berbere mix.


Even bigger disappointment was the injera bread itself, I made. I didn’t even end up photographing what I created. The side of kale was tolerable.

I love cherries, and when they are in season I love to try new recipes. I invariably change the original recipe and sometimes they don’t end up the way I expect.  That is what happened to this Cherry Gallete.


When I first came across the Thai Pumpkin Curry Soup, I was hooked. I love Thai food and this looked so good. Even though I lost the original recipe when I got down to making this, and didn’t change the recipe much from what I remembered, I was dissatisfied with the end product.


This fall, I had a lot of fun with trying new recipes with Spaghetti Squash. I know I will try them all again and again. I might even try this one again with some changes. Although the first time I made Spaghetti Squash Dum Biryani, I was reluctant to eat it. I think I used more milk than I wanted.


Following my previous attempt at making baked garelu (plain vada), I finally relented and bought a donut hole tray and recreated them in that pan. The end product although tasted fine, looked too much like donuts and not like vada. They ended up to thick and the resulting Dahi Vada (Vada in Yogurt sauce) looked nothing like what my mother used to prepare.


Seeing all the fruit and nut bread for the holidays, I made this Cranberry Persimmon Nut loaf. Which tasted good, but didn’t look good. I know I will try to make it again


That’s it for 2015. See you back here next year!

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