What’s in my kitchen series #1

I am still making my way through all the gadgets my mother used. This one was definitely easy and fun to use…

Fly 'n Cook

Over the last few years, each time my mom came for a visit, she would bring one or more of her nifty kitchen gadgets and stick them in my cupboard. When I protested that it was wasted on me: that I had neither the patience nor the desire to try elaborate procedures to make something that was not only rich and heavy in calories but too time consuming, she started to do it silently. Sometimes it was months, even years, after she left, that  I did not discover some strange gadget in my kitchen cupboard and wondered where it had come from. Sometimes it was not until I was packing my kitchen items for a move to another residence or city, that I discovered something and felt myself smiling, thinking of my mother and her devious ways!

Rather than offend her, I learned to let it slide. After all she…

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