Sweet and Sour Ginger Pickle

One of my favorite South Indian pickles is sweet and sour ginger pickle. Ginger is available all year round,  and this pickle can be made all year round. In fact it can be  stored  in a jar,  and can last several months to several years. It is great with Upma, pesarattu and more.



2-3 ginger shoots, washed, peeled and grated
3-4 cubes of jaggery ( more if you have a sweet tooth)
1-2 cups of thick tamarind sauce
salt to taste
sesame or olive oil
red chilli powder to taste, and as needed
dash of asapoetida
touch of tumeric

To a pan, add some sesame or olive oil. Add grated ginger and fry till golden.

Meanwhile to a saucepan add tamarind juice and jaggery and continue to boil in medium low until the sauce thickens. Add grated and fried ginger and mix well. Remove from flame. Adjust jaggery, tamarind and ginger accordingly.

Meanwhile heat another saucepan with some oil, turmeric, asaphoetida, and red chilli powder for 1-2 minutes. Add to  sweet and sour ginger mix,  and mix well.

Season with salt and mix well.

Enjoy with Dosa, Upma, Uttapam, and more!


Always adjust salt and seasoning to personal preference.

10 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Ginger Pickle”

    1. Do you have a different recipe?

      We always made it with tamarind and jaggery at home. In fact there is an easier recipe for daily use that doesn’t require frying the ginger. There is sauce style chutney that is typically served at Andhra weddings. Goes well with garellu (plain vada). It is one of the 4 chutneys that are made at auspicious or even inauspicious events …

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      1. I make with fried udad dal, ginger, and jaggery…. This is what is served in my home with Garelu.

        Your auspicious-inauspicious occasions comment reminds me that my mom always used to associate Garelu with Taddinnam.

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