Just Add Ice

Watermelon Cooler

The heat is on.

The last few days and maybe weeks, temperatures have been hitting the upper 80’s and maybe even 90’s.  After what seems a fairly brief Spring, the East Coast has been plunged into an early Summer.

I picked up a huge Organic Watermelon from Whole Foods recently.  All kinds of juicy melons are available in grocery stores these days. And plenty of recipes with melons from smoothies, to salads and more have pervaded magazines and blogs alike. There were one or two very interesting Watermelon cooler recipes that I liked that I wanted to make.


Watermelon is vibrantly colored, juicy, sweet, and refreshing. Why add anything else?

Just add ice.


2-3 cups cubed water melon (fresh or freeze for an hour)
some ice

Add the cubed water melon to a blender and process. Add ice and sip a naturally sweet, thirst quenching and refreshing drink on a hot Spring or Summer day.


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