Healthy & Refreshing Quinoa Dosa

Over the last few years, Quinoa has become one of my favorite grains. I have used it in making Upma, Pullihora, Biryani, Tomato Quinoa, Chipotle-style cilantro Quinoa rice, soups, salads,Tabbouleh and other quick to make healthy lunches for that office day meal.

qd3While week days tend to be too busy and I usually grab a greek yogurt or make a batch of oatmeal to last the week, come weekends I revert to a non-sweet breakfast item such as upma, dosa, or idli.

Over the years, I have refined these traditional south Indian breakfast items or tiffins as they are called, replacing white rice, or sooji with healthier options such as Amaranth, Quinoa and so on.

It has been a while since I made dosa, and as I started to soak the grains, I had this brain wave to replace rice with Quinoa. I wasn’t sure how this experiment would turn out, so I started out with small quantities.

If you are waking up on a Saturday morning wondering what to cook for breakfast, then this might be something worth-while to try for Sunday breakfast.


1/2 cup Quinoa grains
1/4 cup urad dal (black gram)
salt to taste

Soak Quinoa and dal in water in two separate bowls 8-10 hours or overnight.

qd1Rinse the two and blend with water until the batter is smooth. Season with salt and set aside for an hour or two.

When ready to make dosas, place a Tawa or pan on the stove and lightly grease to prevent sticking. Pour two-three tabspoons of the batter and quickly spread out to paper thin thickness. Drizzle a little oil and cook on medium. If the consistency is right and uniform, you don’t need to flip the dosa to cook the other side. It will peel off easily. For thicker dosas you will need to cook both sides.

qd2For masala dosa, top with 1-2 tablespoons of potato curry, and serve warm with chutney and sambhar.

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