This week’s harvest

I harvested some beans (Italian and Indian Broad bean), tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, zucchini blossoms and Red Sorrel Leaves. I still have some mustard greens, basil and parsley. Growing jalapenos and at least one growing Bell Pepper.


Fall is almost upon us and I expect this is almost the last of the summer produce. At least my tomato is done. While I planned and prepared for squirrels and birds, utimately it was the Virginia Stink Bug that invaded my tomato plant. I harvested, the still green and untouched tomatoes and left the rest alone. Next year I definetly need to plan for the Stink Bug!

Likewise, I harvested, the ready to eat Red Sorrel leaves, so I could chop, blanch and freeze them for later use.

My Indian Broad bean remained latent most of the summer, but finally produced some beans. Not enough to cook stand alone, but I am sure with the white eggplant, tomatoes, Italian beans and herbs, I am bound to come up with something fresh!

It has been a fun summer of learning and planting from seeds… I am looking forward to next Spring/Summer already!




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