21 Day Tummy Diet

January it seems is the month when most people make New Year Resolutions to try something different.

I am no different. Weight loss has been on my list the last few years…

Only this year, i decided to drop it from my top list…..

But it doesn’t mean any less…. I still hope to lose weight but it is not my top priority. Visit my flying blog for my other goals. Although I still hope to attain my other weight loss goals….

Readers Digest is something I have enjoyed over the years since my childhood. Coming across the 21 Day Tummy Diet I decided to give it a try…

This diet contains recipes, not all suited for vegetarians. So stay tuned. As I experiment, create my own recipes and make my progress.

Update: I created a new page listing the links to the recipes I have tried so far here.

4 thoughts on “21 Day Tummy Diet”

  1. Good luck!! I have many healthy vegetarian recipes on my blog that I’m sure you would love and help you attain your goals!


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