Best of 2013

Here is a recap of some of my favorite recipes that I tried this year. Last Winter I challenged myself with the A. Soup. A. Week. I stumbled upon some really delicious soup recipes along the way. Some I continued to cook again and again throughout the year. My two favorite soups from were the  Roasted Tomato and Garlic and Tropical Red Lentil and Raw Green Mango.


Two of my favorite Indian curries and incidentally the most visited are the Valor Papdi Bean and Roasted Tindora.

IMG_4042While soups are soothing in winter, summertime it is all about smoothies and salads. At the start of 2013, I tried the seven day Green Smoothie Challenge. My favorite smoothies were the Mango Beets Blast and Mango and Kale Green Smoothie.

IMG_3917Favorite salads were the Mango and Avacado, Dijon Vinaigrette aka Savory Nector, and Qunioa and Sauted Vegetables (in fact I thoroughly enjoyed all the variations of the Quinoa Quick Lunch Series recipes).

salad photo

Was fun (and nostalgic) attempting to recreate some one pot rice dishes from my childhood for lunch such as the Coconut Rice and Tomato Rice.


Continuing my interest in healthy cooking, my Brown Rice Uttapam (Idli or Dosa) is still one of my favorites for breakfast or when I am short on time instant dosa such as Amaranth Dosa (or other instant dosa variations) or even Pearl Tapioca Upma is fullfilling.


Desserts! Can’t get enough of them… Had my ups and downs with baking this year… Some favorites were Mango Custard, Healthy Whole Wheat Chocolate Cherry Muffins, Mango and Carrot Muffins…. I could go on 🙂

IMG_3643I finally got the hang of baking airplane cookies too this year. Not a single one of them broke!

airplaneHave a Very Happy New Year and I will see you back here next year!


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