A. Soup. A. Week. Adzuki Beans and Mustard Greens

Raw green mangoes are found in abundance in India during spring and early summer months. It is usually a busy time making pickles and preserves to last the year. Each year, my mother usually slices fresh green mangoes from the garden, salts and dries them in the sun. Not as tasty as the original, but these salty green mango slices are still good to use in dal during off season.


This week’s soup is an experiment in beans, fresh greens and dried green mango. I always carry assorted beans in my pantry. This week’s choice for beans is adzuki beans. I love to try different green leafy vegetables and this week’s choice is fresh mustard greens. With a touch of mango, this was a good choice for soup this week.


1 cup adzuki beans
1/2 chopped onion
a handful of chopped mustard greens
2 garlic cloves
a handful of dried green mango slices
1/2 tsp garam masala
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup coconut milk (optional)
2-3 cups water or broth

Soak the adzuki beans in water for 6-8 hours or overnight. I like to pre-cook the beans in a pressure cooker. Set aside.


Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large pan. Lightly saute onions and garlic till light brown. Add beans, mustard greens, dried mango slices, garam masala, fresh ground black pepper, 3 cups of water or broth and salt. Bring to a boil. Reduce flame and let simmer for 30 minutes. Can substitute 1 cup of water with coconut milk. Can use some amchur (dry mango  powder) or lemon juice instead of dried green mango slices.

Garnish with chopped cilantro and coconut slices and serve warm. Makes 4 servings.