Fly me to the moon…


Christmas is the time that almost everyone bakes cookies. There are thousands of recipes out there of people’s favorite cookies.


I was not a cookie maker.That is until I got these nifty airplane cookies cutters.


So once a year, I get all excited to bake cookies for the holidays. The  last few days I scoured the web for the best Christmas cookie recipe to use. I thought I had found the perfect sugar cookie recipe until on D-day I saw this Orange and Spice English biscuit recipe and all was forgotten. Yes I am a sucker for orange!

This year I decided to make two different cookies: one the Orange and Spice biscuit and the other a Cardamon Crescent cookie. The moment I saw the Cardamon crescent cookies  I was reminded of the Chand biscuit that we loved to eat from the sweet shop at the street corner as children. Chand means moon and they were the most delicious crescent biscuits I ever ate.

IMG_3106My first attempt at the Cardamon crescent cookies ended up with these. They were delicious to taste but did not resemble any where like the cookies in the recipe I was following. I decided to cut back on the butter and used a teaspoon of milk to get the dough to the correct consistency to make the crescents.This time I had better luck at the crescent shapes.


I am very happy with my choice of cookies this year. Check out the recipes on the original site:

Orange and Spice Airplane Biscuits adapted from Frugal Feeding’s Christmas Spice Biscuits
Crescent Cardamon Cookies adapted from Bonapetit.

IMG_3131Bon Appetit!

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  1. These look wonderful! My granddaughter would approve of the shapes. This Christmas I made our cookie cutter cookies from a rolled tea biscuit recipe. They turned out delicious at a fraction of the sugar! I use a ginger marmelade on top if I want something even more decadent


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