What’s for breakfast?

So…. I  finally made the Oatmeal Sandwich Bread yesterday!!! I say definitely mission accomplished!

Back in August when I saw the recipe for this bread posted by Jenna of Eat Live Run, I got hooked onto bread baking. Since then I have been slowly but surely making progress and having adventures learning bread baking from scratch. (See: It’s all about the flour).


I wont even talk about the first time I tried this out. You guessed it … it went straight to the trash.

This time around I am better armed with all the right ingredients, the right tools and the correct measurements!


I finally relented and purchased a measuring scale and a kitchen aid 9 speed hand held mixer. The latter one was a compromise since the kitchen aid mixer is almost  4 times more expensive.

The dough after two hours…


Ready to stick it in the oven…


Fresh out of the oven…


There is plenty of room for improvement as always… but still definitely goal attained!

I am not even going to attempt to post a recipe here… visit Jenna’s blog for all the expert instructions and the recipe.

Enjoy it with fresh home made Cranberry Orange Marmalade!


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