Brown Rice Dosa

Same Ingredients Tossed Differently

Dosa is another traditional south Indian breakfast item, eaten with chutney, sambhar and potato curry. There are many variations to dosa such as plain, masala, andhra masala, mysore masala, rava and so on. Plain dosa is made from a batter of black gram  and rice similar to the idli batter but ratio of ingredients is slightly different as well as the consistency of the batter is different. Dosa looks similar to a crispy crepe.

1 cup urad dal (de-husked and split black gram)
2 cups rice (I used brown rice this time)
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds (optional)
handful of beaten rice (optional)
Salt to taste.

Soak rice and dal in separate bowls for 8 hours. If using fenugreek and/or beaten rice they can be soaked with the rice. Grind together all ingredients into a smooth batter. Add salt and mix well. Set aside for 6-8 hrs to allow fermentation.

When ready to eat, heat a flat pan on the stove top. Grease the pan with some oil evenly. Thin the batter using additional water so as to be able to spoon in a thin layer of batter on the greased pan. Add 1 tbsp oil around the edges. Cook on medium flame till it turns lightly golden and starts to peel off the pan.

Traditionally masala dosa is fried only one side provided it is paper thin, masala powder or paste is coated on the uncooked side and topped with potato curry, folded over like a taco and served with hot sambhar and chutneys (tomato, mint, or coconut).

For plain dosa or when making thicker dosas or uneven dosas it is necessary to flip and cook both sides. Enjoy with a hot cup of fresh brewed South Indian coffee!

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