Palak Paneer

Spinach chopped
1 Pack Fried Paneer or fresh home made paneer
2 Small Onion chopped (long)
4-5 Red Chilli’s
4-5 Green Chilli’s
2-3 Small Tomatoes
2 tsp Ginger Garlic Paste
Salt to taste
Heat oil in a pan and fry cumin, red chilli, green chilli chopped onion till golden brown and add ginger garlic paste and fry for 5-10min. Then add Spinach and fry for 10min. Grind this with tomatoes and make a paste.
Heat 1tsp of oil in pan and fry paneer for 5-10min and add the paste to this and let it cook for 15-20min. Add salt to taste.

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(Contributed by Sahi)

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